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Handy hints for selecting the right hot water system for your home

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How often do you stop and think about where your hot water comes from? Not very often, unless your hot water system has just died, in which case you’re probably thinking, ‘Great, now what do I do?’

Well, before you rush to order a replacement hot water system with exactly the same specifications as your old one, stop and consider whether that’s still the best option for your household. Although that whopping 315 litre electric hot water system might have been handy when your three teenagers were still living at home, now that they’ve moved out perhaps a smaller hot water system might be a better investment. Or maybe you’d like to replace your old system with a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient solar hot water system.

At Same Day Hot Water we sell, service and repair four different types of water heaters: solar hot water systems, gas hot water systems, electric hot water systems and heat pumps. And in our experience, all four varieties come with their own pros and cons.

With this in mind, we realise that choosing a new hot water system can be a daunting process, especially when you consider how many different brands and options there are on the market. To make life easier, our experienced staff at Same Day Hot Water can assess your hot water requirements and can talk you through a series of recommendations that take into account your budget and your personal preferences.

With decades of experience between us, our team can provide first-hand knowledge of what works best in your area and which option most closely aligns with your family’s needs. To speak with one of our specialists and to get your hot water flowing again within the day, give us a call on 1300 88 13 43 or contact us here.