Plumbing & Maintenance - Blocked Sewers

Blocked sewers aren’t as scary as you think

Ewww, what’s that smelly, sludgy water bubbling up from your drain? Is your washing machine sending suds everywhere, dishwasher not draining, toilet overflowing or bathtub not emptying? This unsavoury and unsanitary situation is likely caused by blocked sewers.
Sewerage lines and wastewater pipes can easily become blocked when young children flush soft toys down the toilet or when tree roots invade your pipework. This results in a blockage which prevents water from your bathroom, kitchen and laundry draining away.

How to deal with blocked sewers

In the past it was common practice to pour chemicals like hydrochloric acid down toilets and drains to try and clear blockages. However these chemicals release dangerous fumes which can irritate your lungs, throat and eyes. They can also cause serious burns if they come in direct contact with your skin.

These days plumbing technology has come a long way. High pressure water jets and CCTV units enable plumbers to clear blocked sewers without the need for nasty chemicals and with much more success. Chemicals generally only managed to clear grease and hair from blocked drains, but they had little effect on tree roots. Furthermore, strong chemicals have the potential to back up in one section of your pipework, where if it sits for too long, has the potential to melt or damage your pipes.

CCTV inspections of your plumbing also enable you to identify damaged or leaking sections of pipework which have the potential to become bigger problems. By finding them early on, you can save yourself big dollars down the track.

With this in mind, the moment you notice your drains or toilet backing up, it always pays to call a plumber who has the equipment to clear it quickly and safely. The sooner you act, the less expensive the job is likely to be and the less chance you’ll have of the blockage causing serious damage.