Plumbing & Maintenance - Dripping Taps

Don’t ignore dripping taps

Drip, drip, drip … have you ever counted the number of taps in your house? Between your kitchen, bathroom/s, laundry and outside areas there might be more taps than you realise. Plus, there are all those appliances that are plumbed in as well, like your washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, toilets and hot water system. Now think back, when was the last time you checked all these taps and fittings for leaks?

Taps usually leak when the washers inside wear out. Replacing old washers is a relatively straightforward repair job, however it’s one we often put off. Taps, fittings and toilets that are continually leaking can cause water damage, rust and corrosion.

There are also safety concerns if water is leaking into wall cavities or onto the floor as it can destroy the structural integrity of your house. No one wants their bathtub to fall through their floorboards!

Finally, every drop of water that’s leaking from a tap in your house is costing you money. The longer it continues to leak, the more money you’ll be paying for your monthly water bill. And let’s not forget the environmental concerns with wasting our precious water resource. We are so fortunate in Australia to have good clean water supplies, however we mustn’t take our water for granted. Fix your leaking taps and stop wasting water.

One of the slightly more challenging leaks a home handy-person can face is a leaking hot water system. If the taps and fittings on your hot water system are worn, you may start to notice water leaking from your system or dripping from your roof. If you’re concerned the taps on your hot water system might be leaking, give our friendly team a call at Same Day Hot Water. We’ll inspect and repair your system that same day, fixing your leak and saving you money.

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