Plumbing & Maintenance

How plumbing maintenance keeps your hot water running

Plumbing maintenance is one of those things that we rarely think about until something goes wrong. Much like looking after your health and regularly servicing your car, taking care of your home can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

When asked to make a list of home maintenance activities that should be carried out on a regular basis, what comes to mind? Washing your windows, cleaning your air conditioner filters, checking your smoke alarms … but what about your hot water system? When was the last time you had any plumbing maintenance carried out?

Hot water systems are generally very reliable pieces of technology. Once they’ve been installed it’s easy to forget about them. However in time, wear and tear from years of hard work can cause your system to deteriorate. Corrosion, exposure to sun and extreme temperatures can also have an effect on your system.

Minor faults can start to appear as seals wear out and valves stop working. Usually the first sign of any issue is water leaking from your hot water system or dripping from your roof.

With this in mind, it makes sense to have your hot water system inspected on a regular basis by a qualified plumber. Just as you should prioritise regular check-ups with your family doctor, you should also schedule regular plumbing maintenance with the team at Same Day Hot Water.

One of our experienced hot water specialists will inspect your system for faults and can identify areas that are known to deteriorate over time. Regular plumbing maintenance including replacing problematic parts before they fail will extend the life of your system. For all your hot water plumbing maintenance, please call Same Day Hot Water on 1300 88 13 43 or you can reach us via our contact page.